Following Jesus


A Year Deep in the Life and Ministry of Jesus
Peter Roennfeldt


About the Author

Peter Roennfeldt

Peter Roennfeldt

Peter Roennfeldt (DMin) has spent his life sharing the gospel, planting churches, and serving as a pastor to pastors-with special interest in Jesus’ life as our model for disciple-making and movement thinking.  Having lived in four countries and equipped church-planting teams in more than 50, Peter now lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Judy, but travels widely equipping and coaching church planters and pastors.


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Following Jesus: disciple-making & movement-building




Jesus, son of David

Herod the Great


Phase 1. Preparation – for a life of multiplication


Bethlehem Shepherds

Herod’s Herodium Fortress


Transition to second phase:


Jesus’ Baptism in the Jordan

Messianic expectations - Dead Sea Scrolls


Phase 2: Foundations – modelling multiplication


Tel Arad - Jesus & the temple


Transition to Phase 3: