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Why use this Guide?

This Guide provides a solid foundation when local church, mission agency or denominational leaders want to cultivate a movement of multiplying disciples and church plants across a district, state or country. With inspiration from the New Testament letters this equipping includes learning to think theologically, gaining insights from Jesus’ and Paul’s district work, a study of Paul’s movement practices, identifying movement leaders and churches, and developing a movement multiplication plan.

Who is this Guide for?

Visionary ministers, local church, mission agency and denominational leaders who are committed to the apostles’ vision of “no place left” where the gospel has not been shared.

How to use this Guide?

This equipping can be delivered in a weekend retreat, over several weekends, or one evening a week over several weeks. It is ideal for either in-person or Zoom formats. The workshop host or facilitator could be a local minister/pastor, a key local leader, or a regional denominational or ministry/missions leader seeking to foster a movement. Participants will be active in disciple making and in multiplying disciples—and also be planting and/or coaching multiplying planting teams. All participants will do this training with their teams.

What resources do you need?

The host/facilitator needs to download Conversation Guide 3 (FREE) and videos (FREE) from here.

Each participant will need:

(1) A printed Conversation Guide 3: Cultivating Movements—in which to write notes and plans.

(2) A supply of Discovery Bible Reading bookmarks and Discover Jesus starter Bibles (of Mark, John and Acts).

(3) A copy of Your Church Has Changed (Signs 2021).

Participants will use their own Bibles, and most will also want to read Following the Apostles’ Vision (Signs 2019)—so it is a good plan for facilitators to have a supply available.

All printed guides, bookmarks and books are available from HopeBooks and the Adventist Book Centre Online.

Session 1: Following the apostles’ vision
Video 1 – Welcome. The end-vision
Video 2 — The gospel – to be proclaimed to gentiles
Video 3 – “No place left”
Video 4 — Movements Principle 1: Following Relational Streams

Session 2: Review and update
Video 1 – Review: the local churches in your area
Video 2 – Identify: unentered places and people-groups
Video 3 – Choose: the unentered people and places
Video 4 — Movements Principle 2: Multiplying Households of Faith

Session 3: Thinking and acting theologically
Video 1 – Jesus defines our life, thinking and actions
Video 2 – The impact of Calvary and Pentecost
Video 3 – Our cultural and religious stumbling blocks
Video 4 — What cultural prejudices inhibit our witness?

Session 4: Teaching new disciples to think theologically
Video 1 – How did Paul cultivate theological thinking and living?
Video 2 – How significant was participation in cultivating resilient faith?
Video 3 – Movements Principle 3: Planting Mission Hub Churches

Session 5: Jesus’ district work
Video 1 – Preparation, entry and sustainability
Video 2 – Insights for cultivating movements today
Video 3 – Movements Principle 4: Equipping Teams from the Harvest

Session 6: Paul’s movement practices
Video 1 – Insights from Paul’s order!
Video 2 – Paul’s key movement practices – Principle 5
Video 3 – Ethne and Oikos mapping

Session 7: Movement leaders and churches
Video 1 – Movement leaders – 5 levels
Video 2 – Movement churches – 5 attitudes and activities
Video 3 – Church action plan
Video 4 — Planning – where and with whom?

Session 8: Your movement multiplication plan
Video 1 – Multiplying movement leaders
Video 2 – Action plan: to multiply movement leaders and teams
Video 3 – Multiplying mission hubs: current reality and Action plan