What does it mean to be a Christian and share our faith in a multi-faith and no-faith world? In our complex post-Christian world, sharing our faith can seem equally complex. But consider how Jesus related to His multi-faith context, particularly His teaching in Luke 10:1ï½24. He engaged Jews, Samaritans, Roman gentiles, peasants, fishermen, urbanites, religious leaders, soldiers, merchants and others in spiritual discussions. His compassion, insights, authority and methodology left people amazed. Drawing on this key teaching and the example of Jesus, this book suggests a simple, reproducible approach. It seeks to demystify evangelism, putting it within reach of every believer.

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Steve Goods
I enjoyed reading this book, but it confronted me. It reminds us of Jesus’ way of growing His kingdom—letting go of control, accepting hospitality, listening and seeing where God is at work, and sharing life’s journey with people. My wife and I have discussed this book—and have started the journey of eating and listening to others.
Steve GoodsDenominational leader, Western Australia
Darren Croft
I read this book in a single sitting—it is compelling, easy to read and understand. It is a necessary reminder that evangelism is accessible to all who would be followers of Christ. Evangelism is the stuff of daily life—eating with others, being open to them, and ready to listen… From my experience, I know this works.
Darren CroftPastor-to-pastors, Victoria