The Bible is so important for living as followers of Jesus that it is hardly surprising there are many questions about how it was written, how it came together over many centuries, and how it has been preserved and translated. Even more important: how can we best read and understand the book that we embrace as the Word of God?

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The Bible and How We Read it. A new series of 9 short videos that unpack key concepts of Enjoy the Living Word — what the Bible teaches about inspiration, how the Bible came to be, how the books were chosen, what manuscripts are used and why we have so many translations — available for viewing online or download from www.disciple.org.au/the-bible-and-how-we-read-it-video-series/.


Dr Ronald Stone
A timely book for seekers of the Word, especially for those wanting a clear and succinct explanation on the formation of the Holy Scriptures and how best to understand the different Bible translations today.
Dr Ronald StoneTrans-Pacific Ministerial Association Secretary and Global Mission Coordinator, Fiji
Misikaram Guguna
This will be a great help to address the issues and questions about translations. It is simple and well explained—with stories from our context. It is wonderful.
Misikaram GugunaYouth Leader, Papua New Guinea
Dr David Tasker
An impressive book! I think it will be very helpful, and will bring sense to a rather emotive issue.
Dr David TaskerDean, Pacific Adventist University Seminary, Papua New Guinea