The 50 devotional readings in this book explore the intrigue, tragedy and excitement of Calvary and Pentecost—two weekend that brought profound change to the world. The first was marked by Jesus’ death and resurrection, the next by the Holy Spirit’s presence and anointing. The climax and transitions represented by the events of these weekends—and the 50 days between—transformed the biblical narrative, reframed God’s involvement with us, gave birth to the church and released fresh opportunities for us to experience Him. These 50 one-page-spread readings will inspire you in your relationship with God and empower you for ministry. Calvary prepared the way for Pentecost—and for us.

Calvary to Pentecost is perfect for individual study, and a great discussion resource for small groups, churches and mission agencies—and a great gift idea to intentionally share the good news of Jesus with friends and neighbours, and to cultivate new households-of-faiths and movements of God’s Spirit—to begin with the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and progress through the story to Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit, the spark that ignited the early church.

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Bill Hodgson
Yet another must read from Peter Roennfeldt. I love this book for it balance of deep devotional reflection and Biblical cultural context and background to each scene. With the format of one scene per page it is an automatic devotional tool to walk with Jesus from Calvary to Pentecost seeing with fresh eyes and open heart.
Bill HodgsonPower to Change, church movements, SHIFTm2M
Atte Helminen
I have never read anything like this, relating to the full story of Pentecost not just the one day we often talk about. I could not stop reading. I read this book in one sitting and was touched and inspired. It was a spiritual journey. It amazes me how Peter Roennfeldt shares the story of Jesus with such passion—with such carefully chosen passages telling the core of the story.
Atte HelminenCity pastor, ministry coach, church planting facilitator, Finland
Dr Danijela Schubert
No other events in human history have so dramatically changed its course, and Peter Roennfeldt takes us through those days one bite at a time. Each is just enough to help us deeply reflect on what this meant to contemporaries, with one question to reflect on what it means for me personally. And through those small bites Peter considers the whole Bible. Deep thoughts, but simple for all to understand.
Dr Danijela SchubertUniversity lecturer and author, Australia